Alte 12 cărți SF&F interesante care apar în următoarele 6 luni (în engleză)

Pentru că cititorii noștri sunt mai anglofoni decât ai altora (ca să parafrazez celebra „lozincă” a Academiei Cațavencu de odinioară), revin cu o selecție din ce mai apare SF&F în limba perfidului Albion în următoarele 6 luni. Firește, altele decât cele deja incluse în articolul anterior de acest tip, care cuprinde și unele din martie-aprilie-mai 2022.

Selecția de aici a preferat în general cărțile independente sau prime într-o serie nouă, iar pe unde a fost posibil a „privilegiat”, evident, autorii traduși și pe la noi.

Cărțile sunt ordonate alfabetic, în caz că vă căutați un autor preferat; și, pentru că evident articolul se adresează doar celor care citesc în engleză, o să las și descrierile în original. Cheers!

Butcher, Jim, editor and Hughes, Kerry L., editor
Heroic Hearts Anthology
(Anthology. Short stories from Jim Butcher, Kerrie L. Hughes, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, Annie Bellet, Anne Bishop, Jennifer Brozek, Kevin Hearne, Nancy Holder, Chloe Neill, R.R. Virdi.)
Urban Fantasy.
Penguin Random House / Berkley Books / Ace
May 2022

In this short story collection of courage, adventure, and magic, heroes—ordinary people who do the right thing—bravely step forward.
 But running toward danger might cost them everything. . . 

Chambers, Becky
A Prayer for the Crown-Shy
(bk 2 in the Monk & Robot series. Sequel to A Psalm for the Wild-Built.)

Hard sf.
Macmillan / Tor / Forge / Tor.com Publishing

After touring the rural areas of Panga, Sibling Dex (a Tea Monk of some renown) and Mosscap (a robot sent on a quest to determine what humanity really needs) turn their attention to the villages and cities of the little moon they call home. They hope to find the answers they seek, while making new friends, learning new concepts, and experiencing the entropic nature of the universe.

Becky Chambers’s new series continues to ask: in a world where people have what they want, does having more even matter?

Chu, Wesley
Art of Prophecy: A Novel
(bk 1 of the War Arts Saga.)
Epic Fantasy
Penguin Random House / Random House / Del Rey Books

An epic fantasy ode to martial arts and magic—the story of a spoiled hero, an exacting grandmaster, and an immortal god-king from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Lives of Tao.

It has been foretold: A child will rise to defeat the Eternal Khan, a cruel immortal god-king, and save the kingdom. The hero: Jian, who has been raised since birth in luxury and splendor, celebrated before he has won a single battle. But the prophecy was wrong. 

Because when Taishi, the greatest war artist of her generation, arrives to evaluate the prophesied hero, she finds a spoiled brat unprepared to face his destiny. But the only force more powerful than fate is Taishi herself. Possessed of an iron will, a sharp tongue—and an unexpectedly soft heart—Taishi will find a way to forge Jian into the weapon and leader he needs to be in order to fulfill his legend. 

What follows is a journey more wondrous than any prophecy can foresee: a story of master and student, assassin and revolutionary, of fallen gods and broken prophecies, and of a war between kingdoms, and love and friendship between deadly rivals.

Corey, James S.A.
Memory’s Legion: The Complete Expanse Story Collection
Hard sf. Space Opera.
Hachette Book Group / Orbit US

On Mars, a scientist experiments with a new engine that will one day become the drive that fuels humanity’s journey into the stars. On an asteroid station, a group of prisoners are oblivious to the catastrophe that awaits them. On a future Earth beset by overpopulation, pollution, and poverty, a crime boss desperately seeks to find a way off planet.On an alien world, a human family struggles to establish a colony and make a new home. All these stories and more are featured in this unmissable collection set in the hardscrabble world of The Expanse.

Contents: Drive, The Butcher of Anderson Station, The Churn, Gods of Risk, The Vital Abyss, Strange Dogs, Auberon, Memory’s Legion, The Sins of our Fathers.

Huff, Tanya
Into the Broken Lands
(book one of a new fantasy series.)
Epic fantasy saga
Penguin Random House / DAW

Shattered by mage wars, the Broken Lands will test the bonds of family and friendship, strength and sanity. To save their people, the Heirs of Marsan have no choice but to enter, trusting their lives and the lives of everyone they Protect, to someone who shouldn’t exist, who can’t be controlled, and who will challenge everything they believe about themselves.

Kay, Guy Gavriel
All the Seas of the World
Penguin Random House/Berkley
May 2022

On a dark night along a lonely stretch of coast a small ship sends two people ashore. Their purpose is assassination. They have been hired by two of the most dangerous men alive to alter the balance of power in the world. If they succeed, the consequences will affect the destinies of empires, and lives both great and small.    
One of those arriving at that beach is a woman abducted by corsairs as a child and sold into years of servitude. Having escaped, she is trying to chart her own course—and is bent upon revenge. Another is a seafaring merchant who still remembers being exiled as a child with his family from their home, for their faith, a moment that never leaves him. In what follows, through a story both intimate and epic, unforgettable characters are immersed in the fierce and deadly struggles that define their time.  
All the Seas of the World is a page-turning drama that also offers moving reflections on memory, fate, and the random events that can shape our lives—in the past, and today.

Lafferty, Mur
Station Eternity
(bk 1 of the Midsolar Murders. Trade pbk.)
Hard sf. mystery
Penguin Random House / Berkley Books / Ace

Amateur detective Mallory Viridian’s talent for solving murders ruined her life on Earth and drove her to live on an alien space station, but her problems still follow her in this witty, self-aware novel that puts a speculative spin on murder mysteries, from the Hugo-nominated author of Six Wakes.

From idyllic small towns to claustrophobic urban landscapes, Mallory Viridian is constantly embroiled in murder cases that only she has the insight to solve. But outside of a classic mystery novel, being surrounded by death doesn’t make you a charming amateur detective, it makes you a suspect and a social pariah. So when Mallory gets the opportunity to take refuge on a sentient space station, she thinks she has the solution. Surely the murders will stop if her only company is alien beings. At first her new existence is peacefully quiet…and markedly devoid of homicide.

But when the station agrees to allow additional human guests, Mallory knows the break from her peculiar reality is over. After the first Earth shuttle arrives, and aliens and humans alike begin to die, the station is thrown into peril. Stuck smack-dab in the middle of an extraterrestrial whodunit, and wondering how in the world this keeps happening to her anyway, Mallory has to solve the crime—and fast—or the list of victims could grow to include everyone on board….

Oyebanji, Adam
Braking Day
(Debut novel)
Hard sf. Space Opera. Mystery.
Penguin Random House / DAW

On a generation ship bound for a distant star, one engineer-in-training must discover the secrets at the heart of the voyage in this new sci-fi novel. 

It’s been over a century since three generation ships escaped an Earth dominated by artificial intelligence in pursuit of a life on a distant planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Now, it’s nearly Braking Day, when the ships will begin their long-awaited descent to their new home. Born on the lower decks of the Archimedes, Ravi Macleod is an engineer-in-training, set to be the first of his family to become an officer in the stratified hierarchy aboard the ship. While on a routine inspection, Ravi sees the impossible: a young woman floating, helmetless, out in space. And he’s the only one who can see her.

As his visions of the girl grow more frequent, Ravi is faced with a choice: secure his family’s place among the elite members of Archimedes’ crew or risk it all by pursuing the mystery of the floating girl.  With the help of his cousin, Boz, and her illegally constructed AI, Ravi must investigate the source of these strange visions and uncovers the truth of the Archimedes’ departure from Earth before Braking Day arrives and changes everything about life as they know it.

Strahan, Jonathan, editor
Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance
(Short story anthology)
Hard sf. Time travel. Romance.
Rebellion/Solaris US
May 2022

Even time travel can’t unravel love

Time-travel is a way for writers to play with history and imagine different futures – for better, or worse. When romance is thrown into the mix, time-travel becomes a passionate tool, or heart-breaking weapon. A time agent in the 22nd century puts their whole mission at risk when they fall in love with the wrong person. No matter which part of history a man visits, he cannot not escape his ex. A woman is desperately in love with the time-space continuum, but it doesn’t love her back. As time passes and falls apart, a time-traveller must say goodbye to their soulmate.

Including stories by: Alix E. Harrow, Zen Cho, Seanan McGuire, Sarah Gailey, Jeffrey Ford, Nina Allan, Elizabeth Hand, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Catherynne M. Valente, Sam J. Miller, Rowan Coleman, Margo Lanagan, Sameem Siddiqui, Theodora Goss, Carrie Vaughn, Ellen Klages

Taylor, Travis
Thriller. Hard sf.

Don’t mess with our astronauts! 

A Russian ICBM site is attacked just north of the Ukraine boarder. The nuclear warheads are missing! A Special Operations and Intelligence Community Task Force is rapidly put together to respond, but where it should deploy is unclear. A fire ravages a cosmonaut training facility in which five spacesuits disappear. And the Task Force finds a cache of detailed schematics of highly complex rocketry systems.The Task Forces reaches out to Dr. Amy Sue Harrington of the Missiles and Space Intelligence Center in Huntsville, Alabama. To Dr. Harrington, it all adds up to the unthinkable: someone—someone extremely well-funded—is taking aim at the International Space Station. But Colonel Vladimir Lytokov and his team of mercenaries aren’t planning to bring the ISS crashing to Earth. They’re taking the fight to orbit, boarding the station and hijacking it. As the ISS traces its path across the heavens, Lytokov rains down destruction from above, effectively holding the entire globe hostage. With all the rockets capable of reaching the ISS currently out of commission, the terrorists are untouchable in their orbital perch. But Lytokov and his men have overlooked one crucial aspect of their intricate plan: that astronaut Major Allison Simms is on board the ISS—and you don’t mess with American astronauts!  But can one astronaut hold out until the Task Force can come to the rescue?

Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy
Dragons of Deceit
(bk 1 of DragonLance: Destinies. New entry in the longrunning DragonLance series.)
Penguin Random House / Random House / Del Rey Books

Destina Rosethorn—as her name implies—believes herself to be a favored child of destiny. But when her father dies in the War of the Lance, she watches her carefully constructed world come crashing down. She loses not only her beloved father but also the legacy he has left her: the family lands and castle. To save her father, she hatches a bold plan—to go back in time and prevent his death. First, she has to secure the Device of Time Journeying, last known to be in the possession of the spirited kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot. But to change time, she’ll need another magical artifact—the most powerful and dangerous artifact ever created. Destina’s quest takes her from the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin to the town of Solace and beyond, setting in motion a chain of disastrous events that threaten to divert the course of the River of Time, alter the past, and forever change the future.

Zahn, Timothy
Icarus Plot
(Either standalone or book 1 of a new series.)
Hard sf. Space opera.

There wasn’t much money to be made as a Trailblazer, searching out new worlds for possible development. Still, it was safer than the bounty hunter career that had cost Gregory Roarke his left arm six years ago. And thanks to his Kadolian partner Selene’s ultrasensitive sense of smell, they occasionally discovered a medically promising seed or spore they could sell under the table. It was a quiet life, uneventful and mostly legal. 

Until Roarke was approached by two men with a proposal: track down a mysterious woman named Tera and, through her, locate a secret project called Icarus. The challenge was intriguing. The unlimited budget was tempting. But Roarke had a more personal reason to accept the job. The chance for long-delayed payback.

surse: Amazon, cam-info.net

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